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Road Calming

Note: No objection to 20mph limit – but based on evidence supplied the calming is unnecessary and will have a significant detrimental impact on surrounding residential roads (many with schools) and which cannot tolerate additional traffic - both on safety, congestion and pollution grounds.


No evidence as average speeds recorded are generally between 8-14mph.

Warwickshire County Council’s officer does not know why this scheme has been selected.


WCC accident data (2013-17) does not support justification of the scheme. Out of eleven in five years, seven were impossible to prevent by calming (one on the pavement between a pedestrian and mobility scooter!). Of the remaining four there is little conclusive evidence to suggest speed was a factor.

The consultation website provides no backing data on the exact reasons for this scheme apart from a broad statement citing ‘improvements to safety and accessibility’.

Other Impacts

No detailed analysis of displaced traffic although the Vectos survey conducted for WCC suggests a third of peak hour traffic would avoid Warwick Road and thus use ‘rat runs’. Logic suggests that human behaviour would see drivers preferring a road with a 30mph limit and no speed humps as opposed to one with a 20mph limit and eight humps.

Pollution will increase marginally according to the Vectos report. However, smaller particulate pollution (PM2,5) has not been assessed separately and these levels, both on Warwick Road and on ‘rat runs’ are at the edge of recommended WHO limits. The scheme will push localised pollution further towards these limits.

No evidence of consultation with blind/partially sighted organisations and their views.

Lack of demarcation between road and pavement may actually increase jaywalking incidents.


No consideration of other, possibly more acceptable, options which will have far less negative impacts. Some alternatives may even result in better enforcement of the limit and deliver both safety benefits and improve driver behaviour.

Download the documents here...

TR11258-01 Warwick Road Kenilworth - Gen
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TR11258-04 Warwick Road Kenilworth - Spe
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Road Calming Bullet Points
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Road Calming - general summary v5A
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