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We are sure you will agree that membership of the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade offers excellent value at only £60 a year!  We work hard to be able to offer membership at a competitive price and we are able to do so in part, because of the continued support from the people and businesses within the town.      
We continue to serve our members in three main ways

We work hard to raise the profile of our members and to promote Kenilworth as a destination to do business.  This is achieved through a strong online presence, a monthly newsletter and with a series of events of which the annual Business Expo is our headline event.      


We provide our members with local news and information from both our organisation and other local stakeholders.  There are also a range of articles and online resources available to our membership in an exclusive members only area on the website.       


As a Chamber of Trade we represent the interests of our members by ‘giving local businesses a voice’ to key stakeholders both in Kenilworth and from across the region.   

To become a member of our active Chamber of Trade, join us now by filling out the registration form below. For any enquiries please contact us our committee member responsible for memberships.

10 benefits of joining The Kenilworth Chamber of Trade

  1. Connect with like-minded businesses and build relationships
  2. Gain your own online business directory listing on the Chamber website
  3. Attend a range of business and social events
  4. Access networking opportunities and other special events
  5. Promoted on our social media platforms
  6. Raise the profile of your business
  7. Encourage custom with offers and incentives
  8. Let your business voice be heard by key stakeholders 
  9. Access to the latest local business and member news and information with our email newsletter
  10. Benefit from learning opportunities from other members

Best Value

Annual Membership



Every year

Kenilworth Chamber of Trade Membership

Valid until canceled

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