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New 'pop-up office' aims to support Kenilworth businesses for free

A free 'pop-up office' has been launched by Kenilworth Chamber of Trade to support small businesses, startups and young entrepreneurs.

The co-working space is designed to support the local economy and the local community.

Run on the back of a small grant from Kenilworth Town Council, the pop-up office will run from 9.30am to 1pm every Thursday at the Kenilworth Centre, Abbey End.

Funding had been agreed in 2019 but the project has been on hold due to the pandemic.

Chamber chair Sarah Kershaw said: "The town council were really keen to support the idea of a safe co-working space for individuals to work; supporting small business owners, young entrepreneurs, return to workers and start-ups within the community.

"Unfortunately, due to the restrictions over the past eighteen months, the pop-up office had been put on hold, until now. We are excited to be able to get this initiative off the ground; created because we want to make a positive impact in the local Kenilworth community."

Sarah said that as well as providing a different working space the office will give individuals the chance to network and gain new skills through collaboration with other businesses.

Workshops will also be run on a regular basis to provide further opportunity for personal development.

She added: "The concept of the pop-up office also ties in with the current ethical consumer and employee trends that the UK Government is pushing forward on it's social values model.

"Which is encouraging all businesses to play their part in creating positive impact."

By supporting individuals, the chamber is aiming to achieve:

1) Recovery from Covid 2) Addressing Economic Inequality for those facing employment barriers or within the supply chain 3) Improved Health and Wellbeing and community integration

Priya Pandit, commercial director at LoudLocal, said: "As a startup, I know first hand how difficult it is to operate a business from home and on your own.

"It is incredible how much your productivity increases within an office environment, surrounded by other business owners. At the same time to get support and advice from peers.

"The chamber's pop-up office is a fantastic initiative, which will undoubtedly help other aspiring businesses and individuals in Kenilworth."

To find out more and book a space at the pop up office for free, follow this link to the chamber's website.

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