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Compassionate Kenilworth

What is Compassionate Kenilworth – it is the start of a collection of groups of like minded folk who want to improve the experiences and lives of those living in Kenilworth and surrounds. We want to start a movement that supports all residents who want to be involved. We want to improve community life and enhance experiences, reduce hospital admissions, improve health outcomes and enhance the lives of those who have felt isolated, alone and unsupported.

We want to create an umbrella/a charter that churches, businesses, community organisations, special interest groups, health and wellbeing programs can be part of. A space (physical and virtual) where we can support one another, share ideas, information, concerns and Volunteers. A creation of a database that is accessible to all, that means any member of the community can access information about support services, options for connection or a place to log a gap.

We want to complement existing provision (not duplicate or repeat) and set up networks of communication so that people don’t slip through the net. We want to let the community of Kenilworth know that there are compassionate people out there, ready to help, listen, befriend and support.

Kenilworth has such a lot going for it and if you only scratch at the surface and do a bit of research to find there is a plethora of options out there, we need people to talk, listen and share. Start a conversation.

For more information or to see how you can get involved please visit here

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