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Choose as you Move on the Betterpoints App

Have you heard of our new App initiative called Choose as you move on the Betterpoints App? The aim is to get people walking or cycling to and around the towns, the initiative is to encourage the public to get active but not using their car but they will gain points for just exploring the towns. Since the programme launched in January, users of the app have clocked up an impressive 3,256 miles of sustainable travel. With more visitors to the town centres anticipated over the coming months as we progress through the roadmap, the Council is encouraging people to consider alternatives that are both better for themselves and the environment, whilst being rewarded in the process. The way the process works is the more steps taken the more points earned and these points literally do turn into prizes. At the moment on the App you can claim discounts when buying with Amazon, Argos, Currys, New Look, Ikea and many more. We would like to include on the App local Businesses who will be able to offer a discount or offer when the person claiming has walked a certain amount of steps. You determine what your offer is and there is no cost to you apart from what you offer the customer. The process is extremely easy, once you have gained enough points you simply click on the redeem button and you can choose what offer you would like to redeem. The redemption happens when they come into your Business and press the redeem button. Further information available here

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