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Lily Samuels Nutrition

Health and Wellbeing
Lily Samuels

I am Lily, a multi-award winning registered nutritionist.
Founder and owner of Lily Samuels Nutrition.

Like a sat nav guiding you through your journey, I guide you through your health journey using nutrition. I do so through 121’s, Group sessions, Corporate Workshops and Talks.

• Are you looking to lose or gain weight?
• Do you feel bloated regularly and not sure why and what to do?
• Do you experience perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms and you are not sure what to eat?
• Does your staff lack productivity and you don’t know how to support them?
• Do you lack energy and you don’t know why and what to do?
• Are you experiencing inflammation symptoms such as in autoimmune conditions (painful joints, skin
rashes, tiredness, brain fog, cravings, frequent infections etc) and don’t know where to start with food?
• Do you struggle with sleep, meaning not sleeping very well?
• Do you need support with your gut health for better immunity?
• Experiencing mental health symptoms such as anxiety and mood disorders
• Do you exercise regularly but you just don’t see any progress?

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