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Channelling Energies - Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Channelling Energies - Anxiety and Depression Therapy
Catherine McCarney

Channelling Energies begain in the year 2000, and to this day still maintains its powerful legacy for nurturing Mental and Emotional Wellness and Personal Growth. As well as a true devotion towards empowering Young People, and Adults experiencing Anxiety and Depression, I focus on providing essential tools and strategies that support you in releasing suppressed emotions and fears and building a greater self-belief, that ignites your passion for life.

The unique programmes I offer are designed to integrate Mind, Body and Spirit, and uses powerful steps in which you are able to embrace change more effectively. You will no longer feel as through you are just surviving anymore, but instead you will be empowered by how much you are thriving, and channelling your energies towards to more enjoyable and fulfilling experiences, that build your enthusiasm and joy for life and all it brings.

295 Kenilworth Road. Balsall Common. CV7 7EL
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