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Think Cash - Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Bookkeeping & Mentoring
Anita & Tony Dalton

Welcome to Think Cash!

“Have you ever looked at a growing pile of invoices
you can’t pay and felt the panic mount? “

We have!

Anita and Tony aim to help you when things are this bleak.

Actually, we would like to help you before it gets to this!

Anita and Tony help you cope with the many financial challenges business life throws at us.

Anita and Tony provide you with a unique mentoring service by looking at your business from the outside, it is amazing what we find, you will kick yourself.

This has led Anita to develop a unique Forensic Bookkeeping service, using her 40 years of bookkeeping experience.

Little gets past her where figures are concerned.

Anita goes through your accounts to find out where your weaknesses are.

Having cash flow issues?

We work out why and how they are occurring.

By using proven techniques Anita and Tony help you
manage your cash more effectively and
get the results you want for your business.
Facebook: @thinkcash1