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A complimentary business development review.
Meet with me online or face to face to discuss your business journey so far, where you are now and what you are wanting to achieve in the future. Listening to your story and through asking a variety of questions I will then take the information I have gathered and provide you with a summary business development review. This review will contain my thoughts, ideas and suggestions of things you may want to explore or consider for your business to either grow or simply get more from your current business.
To book your complimentary business review contact Please note that this offer is only applicable to new clients.

Orchard Business Development

Business Development and Marketing
Karen Heap

Orchard Business Development helps businesses 'to work smarter, not harder' and develop their businesses through planning, accountability & marketing. I work with clients directly and with the help of a team of associate specialists.

1-1 - Business Development Meetings
Regular meetings to review progress and set aims and objectives to achieve business goals.

Business Advice and Development
Advice or work carried out ‘as and when needed’ to meet the needs of the client and business. Review, research, planning and a wide variety of project work.

Regular Marketing and Business Development Support
Support for busy business owners that want a consistent and thoughtful approach to their marketing and business development activity.

A range of opportunities available to enhance knowledge and understanding with general business concepts, processes and activities e.g. raising the profile of your business. Learning on a 1-1 or group basis.

SMART Business Programme
A set of 3 business development sessions designed to offer guidance, support and most importantly to keep you on track and accountable for growing and getting more from your business. The programme brings together a small group of up to 5 businesses that will meet together on a monthly basis and who will by the end of the sessions be working smarter and not harder and maximising the potential of achieving the goals in their business!

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