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Julia Mitchell Hatton Tai Chi & Nordic Walking

Julia Mitchell

Having been diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis in her 30's, Julia has spent the last 20 years taking control of her wellbeing to the point of no medication and no pain today!
Julia is passionate about helping others feel as well as they can possibly feel.
She currently has a number of Tai Chi Qigong sessions each week on zoom.
There are many potential health benefits to Tai Chi & Qigong:-
Boost your immune system
Improve balance & strength
Help you to achieve a feeling of tranquility and harmony.
Anyone can take part, seated or standing.
She also provides sessions to Corporate clients as part of their Company Wellbeing programme.
When restrictions allow, Julia is also a quailified instructor with British Nordic walking and is looking forward to many walks around Kenilworth!

07795 498949