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Welcome to the Knowledge Hub where you will find a wealth of resources, guides and templates provided by our members, for our members.  Feel free to browse and review these resources and download as required. If you are a member and would like to add a new resource to the Knowledge Hub contact Sarah on to learn how. 

Christmas in Kenilworth – a Toolkit for businesses

by Kenilworth Chamber of Trade

We would love you to get involved in our campaign to Shop Local, Eat Local and Spend Local. This is how you can join in.

Social Media Campaign

Kenilworth Chamber of Trade will be running Shop Local, Eat Local and Spend Local campaign on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn).
There are a number of stories we will want you to get involved in, so start following us today and do join in. We’ve put together a tick list and examples of how you can do just that.

Support Local Posters

With our toolkit you will receive a shop window poster promoting the local message for you to display prominently in your window. 


Download full toolkit here

Interesting Introductions
Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 23.01.10.png

by Karen Heap, Socially Shared

  1. People often think that you only need an introduction or 60-second pitch if you have to introduce yourself in front of an audience or at a networking event, however it is something that you need to have prepared for many other reasons too.

  2. Reasons to have an introduction prepared…

  3. When a contact introduces you to someone they know.

  4. When someone asks you ‘so what do you do?’

  5. When you are writing an email

  6. Making an initial phone call

  7. Facebook live or skype call

  8. Where to start?

  9. A udience - who are you introducing yourself to?

  10. C ontent - what are you going to say?

  11. D elivery - how are you going to say it?

  12. C ontact - how can people find out more?

  13. Download full article here

Tips for your online business 

by Rebecca Jones, Glory Design

COVID news - Keep your customers in the loop.
Update your website and social media pages with any changes to your work hours, shipping delays or event/service cancelations. Add an FAQ section to your site to address customer concerns.

Proofread your website
Now is the time to review your messaging and bring it up to date. It may have been months or years since it was last changed.

Check your links
Check all the links on your website are working. Check your social media links. You will be surprised at the amount of social media links divert to irrelevant pages. 

Update your graphics
Now is the time to review the look and feel of your site; does it need a refresh? You can update and refresh the imagery using online tools like Images can be purchased from stock libraries like Shutterstock.